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How do Packages show on the site?

Packages will show the photos and description of the package, along with any of the contents that you don’t have marked as “hide from contract”.

Are my item detail “pages” indexed by Google?

Yes, they are. Learn more

How do Accessories show on the site?

Accessories not marked “hidden” will show on parent product's item detail.

Can I create custom categories in Goodshuffle Pro?

You can’t create custom categories in the software, but can use tags to group items together for your website pages and menu.

How do I create collections on my website?

Also via tags. Items can have multiple tags, therefore showing on several different pages.

How do I group items together by color, fabric, warehouse location (etc.)?

You can group items together in this way using attribute filtering.

How do I change how many items appear in a list of items?

By changing the size attribute.

Can I change the order of items on my Website Integration?

No, that's not a feature we offer at this time.

How does the Website Integration impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Version 0.4.3 of the Website Integration plugin introduced many improvements to Website Integration SEO.

Can I customize the wishlist icon?

Yes, we have a walk-through and some video tutorials for that!

Do you have preset templates for designs that I can use?

Not currently, learn more here

Can I customize the text or labels?

You can customize the name of your wishlist “Cart” that site visitors see when checking out.

All other labels/text are not customizeable at this time.

Can I hide prices?

Yes, although we strongly discourage it.

How do I show/hide the search bar and categories?

On a high level, if you want to show the search bar, use a <gspro-item-gallery>. If you do not want to show the search bar, use a <gspro-item-list>.

Learn more here

Does your Website Integration use cookies?

No. We store Website Integration data using a technology called “Local Storage”. Learn more here.

Does your Website Integration store my inventory data on my server?

No. Data is retrieved from Goodshuffle Pro on demand, although it is cached to improve performance.

Do you support IE11?

No. Most visitors no longer use IE11.

Why don’t you support Wix or Joomla?

  • Wix and Joomla don’t allow custom code snippets to be embedded on their sites.
  • Learn more here about your options when using a Wix or Joomla site.

Can I obtain analytics about how people are using my site?

We do not provide this out-of-the-box. Learn more here.

Can I get Google address autocompletion for venue / delivery location?

No, this would require you to create a Google Developer account.

How do I hide time selection?

You can disable the display of time selection menus using CSS.

How do I show/hide item quantity?

You can toggle display of item quantities in two places, using CSS.

Why doesn’t the gspro-item-list support pagination by default?

View help article

With a custom Javascript snippet

How can I add linebreaks (and other accents) to my item descriptions?

By adding HTML tags to your Web Descriptions.