Use of this functionality requires a Website Integration version of 0.5.3 or greater.

You are able to dynamically update the content of a gspro-item-list or gspro-item-gallery by using Javascript. This extends the functionality of the Website Integration's inherent category, search, and attribute selection and provides the opportunity to build more complicated user interfaces on your site, or allow your clients to choose between a smaller subset of options than provided by the standard gallery.

Usage of this functionality requires knowledge of Javascript, and the ability to add custom Javascript to your website.

The following properties of gspro-item-list and gspro-item-gallery can be dynamically updated: search, tags, category, group, item-attribute-1-name, item-attribute-1-value, item-attribute-2-name, and item-attribute-2-value.

This is done by using Javascript to get the list or gallery element you want to update, then updating the specific attribute you want to change. An example of toggling the Color attribute in an item list using a <select> dropdown. Note the onchange handler in the select statement is the same as the function defined in the Javascript. It is also worth noting how the updateColor function retrieves the element from the page and calls setAttribute. This same pattern could be followed to update any of the


<select onchange="updateColor(">
  <option value="Black">Black</option>
  <option value="White">White</option>
  <option value="White">Red</option>
  <option value="White">Green</option>
  <option value="White">Blue</option>

<gspro-item-list category="furniture-rentals"


  function updateColor(newColor) {
    .setAttribute("item-attribute-1-value", newColor)