Custom Website Setup


Step 1: Add Dependencies

Add the following code into your website <head>...</head> element. It will add our web components library and reference your Goodshuffle Pro inventory. This is only needed on pages that you intend to display the wishlist or your inventory.


PLEASE NOTE! You need to replace the text YOUR-PUBLIC-WEBSITE-KEY below with your Public Browser Key from Goodshuffle Pro (retrieved in the Activation step above).

<script type="module" src="[email protected]/dist/gspro-wc/gspro-wc.esm.js"></script>
<script nomodule="" src="[email protected]/dist/gspro-wc/gspro-wc.js"></script>

Previous versions of the Website Integration also required footer code. Some of our tutorial resources may still reference a footer, but if you are on version 0.5.0 or later of the Website Integration you can safely ignore the footer setup.

Step 2: Test

To test your configuration, add this to a web page:



  • Are you using a valid public web site key?
  • Is our webcomponent library downloading?